our campaign is focused on quality leadership. Read below to learn about Taylor's platform:


A few months ago, NBC4 in Columbus interviewed a woman who was struggling so deeply with her medical bills and transportation to her many doctors, that she exclaimed through tears that "It'd just be better to die and end all this." For Ohio, healthcare is not political. It's life or death. The 94th seat should represent a clear and passionate voice not just for increased access to healthcare, but for issues that hurt our kids, families, and friends.



Drive our roads or surf the web, and you know that infrastructure in rural Ohio is far behind other parts of the state. We must be closing tax loopholes and replenish Local Government Funds to give our communities the chance to build and a chance to compete. In addition, one look at our rolling hills and slanted rooftops reveals the tremendous opportunities for renewable energy available to all of us. Let's prioritize our extraordinary renewable private sector and lead the state in green investment. 



Having served on City Council in Nelsonville, I know that government can be a complex task. But complexity should not muddy our moral compass or commitment to honest leadership. We must build coalitions against gerrymandering, widespread cuts to vital services, harassment against women, and corruption in government. That is what we intend to do over the coming months: Stand taller. Do better. Bring Change to the 94th.



The classroom was my mother’s escape from struggle and it lifted my entire family. Every child deserves the chance to explore the known world and climb into adulthood. The State failed at its task to provide equitable funding to poorer districts like many in SE Ohio and that must be changed. As one of the millions walked away from University in student loans steep student debt, it is my firm belief that Ohio must provide public school education with zero debt. Lastly, we must increase access for students to trade schools so that all Ohioans have a pathway to success.



We need clean and sustainable energy generation to be ubiquitous in Southeast Ohio and around the nation. Lets support our small renewable energy businesses with radical tax incentives. Lets make fracking and drilling not only unappealing, but unnecessary, for Southeast Ohio to develop economically. Lets turn the tide on climate change by building sustainable communities in Southeast Ohio, and become models for ethical living 


Opioid Crisis

How many parents must die and how many children must suffer before we put our money where our mouths are? Sooner rather than later, the State is going to have to stop talking about Opioid crisis and begin giving material backup to our front line responders, who are over-work and over-stretched. The state must close corporate tax loopholes and use the new funding to treat a drug crisis in Appalachia as severely as the emergency that it is. We need increases in resources for those with addiction, those treating them, and the cities and villages that have entire neighborhoods that require rehabilitation as well. 


A Fair Economy

We need an economy run by community builders, not deal makers. Corporate business structure gives low-wage employees the short end of the stick, while big bosses pocket millions through tax loopholes and unearned bonuses. I want to fight for higher wages, fewer tax breaks for corporate bosses who treat labor unfairly, and an overhaul to an economic system that time and again hurts, not helps, Southeast Ohio. 


Election Reform

According to the Center for Public Integrity, Ohio’s Legislature is one of the most corrupt in America. In Ohio, one person can write a candidate like me a $12,707 check for their campaign. These campaign contribution caps are the highest in the country. This legalized corruption is destroying our democracy. We must lower and enforce new campaign finance limits that will keep big-money donors in check. We must also see an end to gerrymandering, where the party in power draws skewed district boundaries. The results of gerrymandering can be heinous, and hurt small town, rural Americans the most.